New Release “ToNow” on Clean Feed Records

I am very excited to announce the release of my new record “ToNow” on Clean Feed Records. (Purchase your copy below or on the music page) We celebrated the release with a show at Black Iris Gallery (321 W. Broad St. Richmond, VA) on Wednesday May 9th. The show was also an art opening for some of my paintings.

ToNow is a contribution in music to the protests that took place at Standing Rock for much of 2016-2017 and remains ongoing. Four songs represent four different aspects: “Plains” (the landscape), “Stand” (Standing Rock reservation), “Red, White, Yellow” (colors on the reservation flag) and “Cantapeta Creek” (the epicenter of the protests). ToNow is meant to be listened to as a suite, continuing the through-compositional voice heard on Bury My Heart (2016), inspired by the events in Dee Brown’s book of the same name.

On the Title:
ToNow comes from something that my daughter said to me one day, “No dada not today tonow”  and I thought that was brilliant. It applies to my thoughts on the events at Standing Rock and a lot of other current issues. We can’t wait until tomorrow or even today, things need to happen ToNow.

On the Recording:
I would send some pictures or links to stories to try to have the musicians coming from a similar place emotionally when we would go to play it on a particular take. That’s the most important thing–trying to capture what the piece is and the emotion of what you’re playing.

On the Cover:
The cover is one of my paintings that happened to be finished on Columbus Day. I like the idea of the colors falling down and there being no stars. It means many different things to many different people.

Cameron Ralston, bass
Jason Scott, saxophone
Bob Miller, trumpet
Scott Clark, drums & compositions
Alan Parker, guitar
Tobin Summerfield, guitar

Thank you all for your support and I look forward to sharing more with you soon….

ScottClark ToNow


Things I want…..



Things I want:

World Peace, the end of poverty, access to quality health care for all people, no one to have to be hungry (unless they’re fasting), equal rights for all people, the end of racism, true and lasting peace, for all people to be able to marry the person they love, more love in the world, greater understanding of other people and their beliefs, shelter for all people, greater awareness of all of the history of the world…in the hopes that we can avoid some of the pitfalls of the past, more music in the world, more access to the good hip hop in the world, more balance in my own life, an mpc, a stick bag that will zip up, and a vibraphone……let’s start with that…..


-more soon……