New Glows in the Dark Album out 3/12

New Glows in the Dark Album out March 12

I’m really excited about the new Glows in the Dark album “Research and Development”, which will be released on March 12th.  The record features a collaboration between Glows and hip hop MCs Count Bass D, John Robinson, 20/20, Jawwaad Taylor and remixes by Just Plain Ant, Yamin Semali and Marijuana Deathsquads.  It’s been a dream of mine to collaborate with musicians from the hip hop community for a long time and it’s a real honor to have the first time be with such great MCs.

You can pre-order the album now and get an immediate download of the track “Fluorescence” featuring John Robinson.

Also, check out the new video (produced by Studio in the Sun) for the song “Ed Bradley”.

Glows in the Dark is:
Scott Burton-guitar/composions
Cameron Ralston-bass
John Lilley-saxophone
Reggie Pace-trombone
Scott Clark-drums

….more soon

Things I want…..



Things I want:

World Peace, the end of poverty, access to quality health care for all people, no one to have to be hungry (unless they’re fasting), equal rights for all people, the end of racism, true and lasting peace, for all people to be able to marry the person they love, more love in the world, greater understanding of other people and their beliefs, shelter for all people, greater awareness of all of the history of the world…in the hopes that we can avoid some of the pitfalls of the past, more music in the world, more access to the good hip hop in the world, more balance in my own life, an mpc, a stick bag that will zip up, and a vibraphone……let’s start with that…..


-more soon……