Scott Clark “ToNow” (Clean Feed Records)
(featuring Bob Miller, Jason Scott, Cameron Ralston, Alan Parker, Toby Summerfield, Scott Clark)

ScottClark ToNow


ToNow is a contribution in music to the protests that took place at Standing Rock for much of 2016-2017 and remains ongoing. Four songs represent four different aspects: “Plains” (the landscape), “Stand” (Standing Rock reservation), “Red, White, Yellow” (colors on the reservation flag) and “Cantapeta Creek” (the epicenter of the protests). ToNow is meant to be listened to as a suite, continuing the through-compositional voice heard on Bury My Heart (2016), inspired by the events in Dee Brown’s book of the same name.

ScottClark4tet “Bury My Heart” (Clean Feed Records)
ScottClark4tet BuryMyHeart cover CF 347
(feat. Bob Miller, Jason Scott, Cameron Ralston, Scott Clark, JC Kuhl, Bryan Hooten)

Bury My Heart

Bury My Heart digipack cd


ScottClark4tet: “Bury My Heart”
The title of this recording isn’t a mere literary reference (to “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee”, by “Dee” Brown). Just like the novel, the music inside is a tragic and soulful portrait of one of the darkest pages of human history and particularly the United States past (with effects continuing to present day): the Native-American genocide. Created by jazz drummer and composer Scott Clark, himself of Native-American descent, it has the form of a suite but none of its formal, classical, aspects. The approach is irreverent, visceral, raw and urgent, further developing the unique style of this incredible musician coming from the vibrant scene of Richmond, Virginia. This is downbeat music, very much connecting to the inner feeling of that musical language called jazz, and we do feel the pain, but there’s no negativity on it. As Brian Edward Jones writes in the liner notes, remembering Albert Ayler, «music is the healing force of the universe». And what heals us is the freshness, the novelty and the creativity of this magnificent opus. Here is a masterpiece, not just another jazz album.

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Clark:Rempis:Roebke Live at The Hungry Brain
(Scott Clark-drums, Dave Rempis-Saxophone, Jason Roebke-Bass)

(Bob Miller- trumpet, Jason Scott- saxophone, Cameron Ralston- bass, Scott Clark- drums)

Glows In The Dark:

(Scott Burton- guitar/compositions, Cameron Ralston- bass, Reggie Pace-trombone, John Lilley- saxophone, Scott Clark-drums ft Count Bass D, John Robinson, 20/20, Jawwaad Taylor)

(Scott Burton- guitar, Scott Clark- drums)

Snow Panda:
(Gabe Churray-compostions/keyboards, Scott Clark-drums)

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Glows in the Dark: